Friday, September 11, 2009

September 10th: The best laid plans...

No matter how much you plan for holidays, every day brings its own little twists and turns, and as a result its highlights and lowlights. As I mentioned in my last post, the plan today was to visit the Ferry terminal Farmer's Market. However when we arrived, rather than the acres of local farmers with mountains of produce that are there on a Saturday, we were met instead by three small stalls, with a limited selection of heirloom tomatoes and miniature vegetables. That was the lowlight, but the highlight of the day came as a direct result.

We caught my favorite cable car, the Powell-Hyde, which meanders around the streets of Russian Hill, with its laurel-lined streets and cute boutiques and restaurants. Hopping off when we saw a sandwich shop, we then made our way to the top of Lombard St where there is a small park and tennis courts overlooking the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. What a perfect calm window in the day: a lunch of nine-grain bread with turkey and cranberry, a ripe peach and diet snapple eaten in the shade of a huge tree on a calm warm day. A Pacific breeze was blowing a low covering of fog across the bridge and into the bay and we could hear foghorns as various ships called out to each other as they plied through the waters. Reading the paper, tennis balls plopping in the background, cable car bells dinging. No wonder I love this city so much.

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Unknown said...

well that explains so much!! we went on a thursday and didn't see much at all!!