Monday, November 10, 2008

San Francisco on foot

It is a truth universally acknowledged (well it should be anyway), that the best way to see a city is on foot. Today was a walking day. 1st off this morning a walk to the Golden Coffee Shop- a Russell family favourite - Scrambled eggs bacon and hash browns freshly grated onto the grill together with toast and orange juice for all of $8 (including a very generous tip). The Golden is a hole in the wall run by the same brothers for decades (and the prices are still the same I think). It's a classic and well worth a visit.

Then it was a walk down to the SFO city hall to check out yet another Farmers Market - this one much more low key than the feryy terminal and frequented by locals rather than tourists. A long queue led to a truck where poultry of all sorts were being purchased and shoved into brown paper bags (I presume they were live because the truck was full of cages, but they were very quiet!?!). Produce here not as diverse as yesterday, but still lots of great things like fresh dates being sold on the stem, pomegranates for $1.99 per lb and lots of Asian vegetables.

Another walk next down to the Ferry building again, this time to catch a ferry to Sausalito. What a beautiful little town it is, magical views of SFO and charming houses dotted throughout the hills. It is unfortunately very touristy on the main strip, but a few steps away from the main drag you could be a million miles away from the Lexus and Lincolns and the sailing types. I had a terrible latte (always hard to get a good coffee here) with a beautiful view and then got the ferry back, before walking back to the hotel via Coit Tower and Russian Hill - around 4.5 very steep kms.

Tomorrow Jon and I are off to lunch at Chez Panisse. I shall be taking many discreet photos and reporting back in full asap.

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