Monday, November 17, 2008

"Most beautiful Bridge"

Well, we're both exhausted, but lived to tell the tale.Today, on a beautiful, cloudless, 80 degree day, Jonathan and I caught a Muni bus to the car park on the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate bridge and walked across it, down to the lovely village of Sausalito on the other side. A trip of approx 8 kms. It wasn't a strenuous walk, although very windy and we're both a bit sunburnt.

The bridge is one of my favourite things about San Francisco, and I hadn't noticed before a plaque on its first column which says that GG was awarded in 1937 "Most beautiful steel bridge' very fitting it is too. Because it was such a beautiful day, there was a lot of traffic across the bridge, under the bridge, even over the bridge:

On the other side of the bridge we took a detour to some old bunkers in the Fort Baker precinct:

We had one wrong turn when we thought that the Bay Trail was a walking track and headed down what turned out to be a barely formed path on a steep slope along the edge of the bay. Turns out the Bay Trail is a bike trail and is actually a paved road. Never mind, we avoided the Poison Oak which apparently is prevalent around here and created a new path up the slope back to the road.

We had a very late breakfast at the Lighthouse Cafe which is on the waterfront away from the porsche and mercedes drivers of the main part of Sausalito. As in most diners, the cooks were Hispanic, and produced a fabulous meal. I'm always amazed to watch diner cooks working their magic in a very confined space with a limited number of tools and pots. The key seems to be keeping everything very organised, and each cook working their own part of the kingdom. These guys work very hard for not a lot of pay, so if you're ever eating at the Lighthouse - tip well!

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