Saturday, September 4, 2010

Trial Baking - The countdown to the 1st Cake Committee tea-party begins

Some of my friends think I'm a tad compulsive, and when it comes to preparing food for a big event I am inclined to agree. Ever since I first decided to convene a Melbourne slice of the Cake Committee I have become a little obsessed with what I should bake and wanting to make sure it turns out as perfect as possible. I scour the old baking books on my shelves, check out baking blogs and websites and dream up variations on past efforts. Much to my personal trainer Loz's despair, this compulsion naturally involves a lot of trial baking (but not too much tasting Loz, I promise). Here's one result:

The Chocolate Lush Cake from an old advertising pamphlet for baking powder. Actually called a Chocolate Plush Cake, I've replaced it's stodgy icing with a whisky marscarpone cream and a whipped chocolate ganache icing. The topping is pecan praline. Hiding shamefaced in the second picture is a trial baking failure - espresso macarons - I always said I wouldn't try making them, and I did and never will again!

If you would like the recipe email me on If you want to try the finished product, come along to our first meeting on September 12th, 2.30 - 4.30 at the Kallista Mechanics Hall on Tom Roberts Rd, Kallista (Melways 75 K$).

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