Friday, May 22, 2009

Joining the Aga cult

Welcome to the beginning of a blog within a blog - I am about to join the Aga cult (as a customer recently called it) and achieve a long-held ambition to have an Aga in my kitchen. For the uninitiated the Aga is a stored heat slow combustion cooker which some cooks regard as the ultimate in cooking methods. Visit the Aga shop website to see these monsters in all their glory. Sadly my need for a new car took precedence over my desire for a new Aga (seriously, buying these things new costs the price of a small, quality hatchback ) and instead yesterday I purchased on ebay a coke-fired model which had been recently removed from a renovated old homestead in Berwick. I've done my homework and know that there is still a lot of work (and money) needed to get this up and running in my own house. First it has to be transported by a specialist (they weigh 450-500kg) then recommissioned. I have to decide if I am going to leave it as a coke-burner or have it converted to gas: while I've always had romantic notions of my kitchen warmed by a solid fuel cooker, gas is eminently more practical. Because the Aga is always on, it is not practical to use it over summer in Australia, so I have to decide what alternative cooking methods I'm going to use from December -March.

I am very excited at the prospect of finally owning an Aga, but suspect it's going to be like being pregnant with your first child - the reality never fits the dream. However I am hoping that, also like having children, the joy outweighs the heartache. So I've got a lot of learning ahead of me. I'm planning on picking the brains of a caterer friend who produces the most amazing food from her bright red Aga, but I welcome advice from out there: Have you got an Aga? Can you share your secrets? I particularly want to know the advantages of keeping this one on solid fuel vs having it converted to gas. Here's a picture of my cooker (before it was taken out of its kitchen - when I inspected it it was outside with the doors off). Stay tuned for future updates on my sAga (!) .


purple goddess said...

Hi Barbara!

So lovely to meet you yesterday. How serendipitous!! Am about to blog about you. Can't wait to hear more and see more of your Aga, you lucky devil!



Barbara said...

Thanks Ella,lovely to meet you too: I'm so glad I decided to open on a Sunday and opened early - very serendipitous indeed. Have really enjoyed reading your blogs and am envious of lots of your adventures!!