Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Cake Committee - a Melbourne slice

About a month ago now an article in the New York Times Dining section caught my eye. It was about the first gathering of the New York chapter (or slice as they call them) of 'The Cake Committee'. As I read I had a bit of  road to Damascus moment- people who love to bake get together regularly and bake up a storm for other people who pay money to come along and taste the wares and the money goes to charity. What an inspired idea for those of us who are 'feeders' and need a willing and hungry audience to test out  their creations. I emailed Peter Ting who, with several others, started the first Cake Committee in London and he was happy for me to start a slice in Melbourne. The first meeting of the Cake Committee Melbourne slice will be on September 12th, if you want more details, become a fan of the Cake Committee on Facebook and you'll receive an invite. The proceeds of our first meeting will be going to local CFAs.

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